How to Get on The Local East Village Blogroll

Send your suggested links to and put “The Local East Village Blogroll” in the subject line.

Here are the criteria for getting listed and staying listed:

  • The blog should be about the East Village, based in the East Village, or about a topic of special interest to residents of the East Village.
  • Much of the content should be original, reasonably well-written and well-designed.
  • It should be updated with some frequency, and has been updated recently.
  • The focus should be on what is happening out in the city — your block, your neighborhood or beyond. Your apartment, not so much.
  • Keep it relatively clean. We do not view links as an endorsement — caveat browser — but our readers come in a wide range of ages and sensibilities. We do not want to direct them without warning toward profanity-laden screeds.