Are We Nuts, Or Is There a Shaggy Dog in This Tree?

dog1Daniel Maurer

This is going to sound crazy. Really. But last night we were strolling through Washington Square Park and became convinced that there’s a dog in this tree. No, not up the tree (the tree has actually been sawed in half) but right there in the actual trunk.

Can you see it?

Just in case, we’ve superimposed a photo of an actual shaggy dog.

Now, maybe you’re thinking, “So what? The tree looks kind of like a dog. It’s not like it’s the Virgin Mary. It’s not like it’s ‘Lou Reed’ on a lion.” But the fact is, Edgar Allan Poe, who lived right off of Washington Square Park, once penned a story, “The Business Man,” about a swindler named Peter Proffit who has his dog rub up against people’s shoes just so Proffit can then offer to shine them. Here’s the passage. Read more…