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After Aegean Coast and Sheepshead Bay, Turkish Chef Lands On 2nd Ave

Reyna Turkish Restaurant and Mediterranean Grill opened in the former Mission Cafe space on Second Avenue over the weekend.

Tonight: Doin’ It With Donkeys, On the Big Screen

At 6 p.m., Anthology’s New Filmmakers’ Fest kicks off with “Donkey Love,” about men in the north coast of Colombia who have sex with donkeys. We asked the director if it’s real.

Wheeee! A Zip Line Over Union Square

Some lucky pedestrians around Union Square got to zing down a 160-foot-long zip line before going off to work this morning.

New Orleans Comes to East Ninth Street, Via Exchange Alley

A new restaurant, opening in September, counts the acclaimed chef-owner of Lilette in New Orleans as an investor and will have an herb and vegetable garden courtesy of Sisha Ortuzar, the executive chef at Tom Colicchio’s Riverpark.

Bomb Threat at Lower East Side High School

The University Neighborhood High School was briefly evacuated today due to a bomb threat, a tipster told The Local.