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No Pie at Beth Israel For Yippie Pieman: ‘I Have to Watch My Weight’

Aron Kay, the Yippie “Pieman” who in the 1970s became a counterculture hero for throwing pies in the faces of political enemies like William F. Buckley, Jr. and Phyllis Schlafly, was admitted to the emergency room at Beth Israel Medical Center earlier this week, complaining of what he called “cold flashes” and severe leg pain.

Villagers Debate Koch’s Legacy: Local Mentor Or ‘Fascist Twit’?

The Strand is honoring the former mayor in its window, but others in the East Village aren’t as nostalgic about his tenure.

Street Scenes | Yippie Pie Man

The photography of Jim Kiernan.

Satirist Nikolas Kozloff on East Village Anarchists, Pet Owners, and Pie Men

The author of a new novel set in the East Village, “Post-Academic Stress Disorder,” talks about his time in the neighborhood.

In The East Village, Christian Anarchy Meets Occupy Wall Street

Residents at the Catholic Worker’s two East Village houses have been a presence at Zuccotti Park, and say the founder of their movement, Dorothy Day, would have approved of Occupy Wall Street.