Now There’s a Wine Shop Called Wineshop

wine shopFatima Malik

The East Village, home to a wine bar called Winebar, just got a wine shop named wineshop.

Aaron Thorp, an East Village resident and the wine director at The Standard in the meatpacking district, quietly opened the store a couple of weeks ago on East Ninth Street. It focuses on “smaller production wines” and “stuff that isn’t readily available in retail,” operations manager Michael Sullivan told The Local. “We have one local wine, out of Red Hook. We’ll be getting more as our inventory grows.”

Prices range from $11 a bottle to about $150. “We didn’t want to be the expensive wine shop,” said Mr. Sullivan, whose current favorites include a pair of $27 reds: Agnes and Rene Mosse Anjou 2011 is an unfiltered natural red wine; La Clarine Farm Piedi Grandi 2011 is also a natural wine.

The storefront near Avenue A, which briefly housed a Turkish fast food joint, has been renovated to feature exposed brick walls and furniture from The Upper Rust across the street.

wineshop, 438 East Ninth Street (between 1st Avenue and Avenue A); (646) 249-3290.