21-Year-Old Charged With Possession Of Machine Guns, Drugs

IMG_9770Roni Jacobson 377 East 10th.

A resident of 377 East 10th Street has been charged with criminal possession of a weapon after police confiscated two machine guns at the former squat house earlier this month, court documents show. In addition to the felony counts, Manuel Salazar, 21, is charged with possession of marijuana and intent to sell a controlled substance.

As The Local previously reported, police entered the apartment with a search warrant at 4:45 a.m on April 1. There, they found Mr. Salazar and an unnamed individual inside his bedroom, along with the two assault weapons, five rounds of ammunition, over five pounds of marijuana, two “large” bags of hallucinogenic mushrooms, 44 tablets of Xanax, a collapsable baton, and over $13,000 in cash, according to the criminal complaint.

The two guns, which a police source had said were Tec-9s, were actually one AP9 semi-automatic and one MP9 semi-automatic — each outfitted with a high-capacity magazine, according to the complaint.

Both of the guns were loaded, “with intent to use it unlawfully against another,” the complaint read; one of the guns was defaced to conceal its identity.

It’s still unclear how Mr. Salazar obtained the guns. He’ll appear in court on April 26.