Owner of East Village’s 8th Subway, Opening Tomorrow, Thanks the Haters

Subway on 3rd Ave.Joanna Marshall

The East Village will get its eighth Subway tomorrow morning. Mohammed Matin, owner of the sandwich shop coming to 41 Third Avenue, said it was the “proximity to young people” that sold him on the location between East Ninth and Tenth Streets.

Okay, but what about not-so-young folks like David Cross, who just reiterated his distaste for Subway in the Post? “No, I haven’t heard anything negative from the neighborhood,” said Mr. Matin.

Told of the No 7-Eleven movement and the anti-Subway signs on local countertops, he seemed unfazed. “By putting up signs they’re doing our job for us,” he said. “People don’t know where there’s a Subway, but they’ll know after the protests.”

Mr. Matin isn’t sweating the neighborhood’s seven other Subways, either. “I’m not worried about competition, because in Manhattan most people don’t want to walk more than a few blocks,” he said.

The franchisee, a native of Bangladesh who moved to New York 15 years ago and lives in the Bronx, has eight stores under his own belt (this is his first in the East Village). “Chains are easier to maintain because everything is set up for you,” he said, explaining why he favors franchises over operating independent businesses. “I like Subway because of their quality control is good.” And besides, he said — “people always show up for Subway.”