So How About This Weather?

Yesterday East Villagers played hooky from work to take advantage of summer-like temperatures, and we were right there with them. We asked about their spring looks and what winter wear they couldn’t wait to bury in their closet. We also got tips on where to sneak a tan and what warm-weather tastes to indulge. Check out your neighbors.

amanda 2Fatima Malik

Amanda Power, 28
Fair-weather fashion: “Tank-tops galore, and floral-y things. I’m always wearing black in the winter, so recently I’ve been wearing colors to channel summer weather. Guess it’s working.”
Closet purge: “I’ll probably put away my capes, blazers, and all my long, drape-y things. Definitely still going to be rocking leather jackets in summer, though.”
Summer snack: “Oh ceviche, yum. And shrimp tacos, and watermelon every day – fiber, fiber. And the delicious iced coffee from Abraco.”
Tan plan: “Well, I’m an SPF girl myself, but The Frying Pan in Chelsea is great for summer. Go drink a beer, rocking a tank top and some shorts, and you’ll get tan.”

hunter 2Fatima Malik

Hunter Siegel, 25
Closet purge: “I’m putting anything wool to rest — all my jackets and socks. Sock free for summer.”
Summer snack: “I’m on my way to get a green juice from Liquiteria. I love fresh juice and gaspacho in the summer.”
Tan plan: “Christopher Street Pier is great for laying out.”

helen 2Fatima Malik

Helen Madigan, 59
Closet purge: “I can’t wait to lose all my heavy pants. I hate my winter corduroys – they don’t really fit right. I’m looking forward to wearing cotton pedal pushers.”
Summer snack: “I love those grated carrot salads with raisins in them. Tonight I’m going to make avocado salad with tomatoes and tofu.”
Hot or iced coffee: “Hot coffee to go with the donuts I just bought!”

theresa 2

Theresa D’Lor
Model and Mom
Summer outfit: “This morning I bought Celia this dress and hat at The Children’s Place on Delancey for only $15.”
Closet purge: “God, try snowsuits! I hate those. My Ugg boots. I’m so thrilled to be wearing flip-flops today.”
Summer snack: “Everything seafood! Lobster, tuna tartar, sushi. I haven’t had good sushi since before I was  pregnant. I also love Yaffa’s avocado salad.”
Iced or hot coffee: “Always iced coffee, preferably spiked.”

peter and andreas 2Fatima Malik

Peter Hass, 19, and Andreas Nielson, 22
Students from Denmark
Fair-weather fashion: “We’ve only been in the city for two hours, and we really need some shorts. Two weeks ago it was snowing in Denmark, so it’s nice to be wearing tanks and polos.”
Summer snack: “I’m excited to eat salads and frozen things, light food. Back in Denmark we eat heavy stuff, like potatoes.”

tanningFatima Malik

Carrie Varela, 20
Fair-weather fashion: “I’m going to break out my tank tops. And wear shorts without tights, finally.”
Closet purge: “Jackets and scarves. Those things you have to carry around all day, taking them off and putting them back on again.”
Summer snack: “Ice cream from Ice King in Corona, Queens. Cactus smoothies! It’s cactus, spinach, pineapple and celery.”

ingrid 2Fatima Malik

Ingrid Kelleman
Artist and illustrator
Summer snack: “Salads, salads, salads. I go to Ciao For Now and get the Asian chopped salad in summer.
Closet purge: “My big jacket. It’s so unsexy. I feel like a mama bear. In jackets, there’s no difference between men and women. We’re all just big bears.”