After a Clean Cut From Igor’s, Barber Opens Manny’s

bshopnail1 Manny of Manny’s Barbershop

Another esthetician is grooming solo. Just like Beyonce’s manicurist, Manny Irbragimov has left his former employer to start his own shop.

Imanuel Ibragimov will open Manny’s Barber Shop next Sunday at 125 East Fourth Street, in the space that formerly held SB Design. A barber since he graduated high school over 10 years ago, the 27-year-old Russian immigrant had been at Igor’s Clean Cuts for the past two-plus years. “This will be an old-school-style shop,” he said of his new place. “Cuts will be $14, which is reasonable compared to other places around here.”

So why did he leave Igor’s and start Manny’s? “I would not badmouth anybody,” said Mr. Ibragimov. “It was time for me to leave, and I just wanted to open my own shop, but why does anyone leave their jobs? Now I have my own barbershop on Fourth. That’s what I want everyone to know.”

Igor Iskiyev, Imanuel (Manny) Ibragimov of Igor's Clean CutsShira Levine Imanuel Ibragimov back when he was working
with Igor Iskiyev.

It’s uncertain whether that includes his old boss, Igor Iskiyev, who said he was unaware of the barber’s new business venture, but wished him luck. “I found out what kind of person he is,” Mr. Iskiyev said without elaborating. “I don’t like him — boom, that’s it.”

Neither of the barbers believe that being located just a few blocks away from each other will have an effect on business. “Igor opened up right over near his competition,” said Mr. Ibragimov. “So when it rains, it rains on everybody. That’s it.”