Web Show Stars ‘Angels From Heaven Sent to Save the Local Rock Scene’

If you’ve ever walked by Wendigo Productions back when it was on Avenue B or now that it’s on Avenue A (with a new art gallery!) and wondered what the heck the place was all about, well here’s your answer.

The purveyors of local music, clothing and jewelry and promoters of local music, burlesque and comedy shows are featured in the pilot episode of “NYC Rocks,” a web-based reality show that launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this month. Parts one (above) and two (below) follow the guys at Wendigo as they put on a 50th birthday bash for their tattooed C.E.O., Wendy Scripps, at Irving Plaza.

“We want to bring back the old New York City scene to what it was back in the ’80s and early ’90s — what it used to be, what we all grew up with,” says promoter Ed Farshtey in part one, which features a rockin’ montage of East Village scenes culminating in a symbolic smash cut between CBGBs and the John Varvatos store.

Indeed, the lead singer for the Sex Slaves calls Wendigo “angels from heaven sent to save the local rock scene in New York City.”

But (spoiler alert!) the love-fest at Irving Plaza sours when some $5,000 worth of equipment and valuables go missing from the dressing room. Was the suspected thief ever found? Tune in to the next three installments of the weekly series here to find out, and contribute to the fundraiser to keep the show on the road.