UPS Replaces 64-Year-Old Atlas Barber School

UntitledDaniel Maurer

An outpost of UPS has opened at 34 Third Avenue, where Atlas Barber School went out of business after 64 years. Will the neighborhood’s custodians scoff at another chain, or will they welcome an alternative to the local post office?

Needless to say, Stuyvesant Station has only received more hatred from Yelpers since we last checked in. Here’s a not-so-glowing four-star review.

This was the best trip to the Peter Stuyvesant Post Office I’ve ever had. Clearly they have made some drastic improvements since the last time I patronized the establishment. Oh, where to begin.

First, I was pleasantly surprised that the owners had decided to add doorman service. I nice homeless man happily opened the door for me with a smile as I entered. It being cold out, it was good I did not have to take my hands out of my pocket for this.

Second, the 4G reception was quite good. I like to stream music on my phone, and it was nice that while I waited in the 1 hr line to pick up my package of cheeze-its I ordered from Amazon, I was able to stream pandora. During my last visit, the reception was spotty and I never got good music.

Finally, the atmosphere was just so cheery, probably as a result of these improvements. Everyone in the store, whether the customers or the employees, just had a little extra “hop” in their step as they seemed really excited to be there. When other people are there and in a good mood, it just really helps the vibe!

All I can say, is keep up the good work United States Postal Service!