At Mentaikou, Build Your Own Sushi — Or Just Make It a Satan Roll

IMAG0788Samantha Balaban

When it opens next week, Mentaikou will have something to distinguish it from the ramen joint a couple of doors down, and every other ramen joint in the East Village.

Four words: Build Your Own Roll.

Wilson Fu, the restaurant’s owner, says diners will be able to think outside the bento box and create their own, personalized sushi from a list of 50 ingredients. “We put your name in front of the creation,” he said. So go ahead Rick, invent the Rick Roll. Or if you’re not feeling creative, order the Satan Roll, a deep-fried number topped with “chef special sauce.” (We didn’t ask.)

IMAG0786Samantha Balaban

In addition to mix-and-match sushi, the menu also features more traditional Japanese food and a selection of, yes, ramen soups.

“Basically it’s new-fashioned Japanese food,” said Mr. Fu, who owns two restaurants on the west coast. “The best quality of ingredients. We create everything. It’s nothing copied.”

Mentaikou, 324 East Sixth Street (between First and Second Avenues), (646) 370-5112.