Jump For Joy: Igal Perry’s Dance Center Turns 30

.Mary Reinholz Mr. Perry instructs dancers.

Igal Perry is a thin and restless man who seems to be in perpetual motion. Earlier today, he prepared 10 professional dancers for a sold-out show that will mark the 30th anniversary of his Peridance Capezio Center.

Tomorrow and Sunday, the former auction house on East 13th Street that’s home to the Peridance Contemporary Dance Company as well as Mr. Perry’s dance school will host new works by Dwight Rhoden, Sidra Bell, Enzo Celli and Mr. Perry’s own new piece, “Infinity.” Music by Beethoven and Ohad Naharin, who will revive his 1992 work “Mabul,” will be performed in a brick-lined studio turned black-box theater.

The Israeli-born Mr. Perry got into dance relatively late — at age 17  — with an Israeli folk dance company. He’s now 62 but looks 15 years younger. So how did he last so long in a rarefied world that’s so hard to break into? “It’s hard, but anything you put your mind and your shoulder to, you can carry on,” he said with a small smile.

.Mary Reinholz

One reason for Mr. Perry’s longevity may well be his diversity, honed when he joined the Bat-Dor Dance Company in Tel Aviv, which featured choreographers like Alvin Ailey.

“We always look to do something new and fresh and to combine it with something that’s classical — and by classical I don’t mean classical ballet,” added Mr. Perry, noting that although he and his dancers have all been trained in ballet, one of his major influences has been the modern dance legend Martha Graham.

Today, he said, some of Ms. Graham’s work may seem old-fashioned, “but the principles are there,” he said. Then he was off for more rehearsals.

This weekend’s performances, which will launch the Peridance Contemporary Dance Company’s spring season, are sold out, but tickets are still available for two performances next weekend. On June 8, there will be a more formal gala celebrating the 30th anniversary, at New York University’s Skirball Center.