You Know Who Doesn’t Mind Horse Meat? This Guy Right Here

Frank’s sidekick, Camilo.

So, horse meat sure has been in the news lately. Today, Grub Street posted a list of places where you can go tie on the proverbial feedbag, if curiosity has gotten the better of you.

None of them are anywhere near the East Village, but the neighborhood has at least one fan of cavallo, as it’s called in Italy: Frank Prisinzano, the man behind Frank, Lil’ Frankies, Supper, Sauce, and East Village Radio.

During a recent episode of his excellent Web show, Sauce’d, he visited the famous Bottega del Vino in Verona. If you want to get right to the action, skip to 3:25 where he pairs a “screamin'” wine with raw horse meat. “Do you have the coglioni to eat this?” he asks as he plops some onto his plate. “I did this on Twitter and I think I lost 50 followers as soon as I put it up.”

He’s not kidding: back in November, he tweeted about eating horse rib-eye made from a “1-1/2 year old horse raised specifically for eating,” and posted a photo hash-tagged “#horsemeat #rules #beefoncrack #letsdothis #donthatemeforit #butcher #nosetotail #foodporn #meatporn.” The following exchange ensued.

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 12.22.49 PM

While he may be a fan of “beef on crack,” that doesn’t mean Mr. Prisinzano is up for a hidden-horsemeat taco. “Horse is delicious but this is not the way to consume it,” he tweeted last month, linking to an AP article about horse meat in products sold by Ikea, Burger King and other companies in Europe.

By the way, the premiere of season two of Sauce’d, involving a trip to Turin, was posted last week. No horses where harmed in the making of that episode.