Young & Sick Does Rag & Bone

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 7.57.58 PMNina Robinson Sick indeed.

Young & Sick – an art, music and fashion project out of L.A. – just finished the above mural on the walls of Rag & Bone’s Nolita outpost.

Each month Rag & Bone features a new mural on the store’s Elizabeth Street facade. The so-called Houston Project (not to be confused with the wall at Bowery and Houston, across the street) was started in 2010 because the fashion brand was “tired of bad graffiti,” according to its blog. They’re open to design submissions and will “provide the paint, if you provide the art.”

Before the latest mural, a sign painted on the space stated, “This is a designated graffiti area,” and opened the wall up to passing street artists. Quite a few people obliged with tags and “throw-ups.” But as of last week, Young & Sick has officially staked claim.

Young & Sick is no stranger to the mainstream, having created the album covers for Foster the People’s “Torches” and Maroon 5’s “Overexposed,” as well as shirts that are now being sold at Urban Outfitters.

Young & Sick also self-released a single last October called “House of Spirits,” and was featured on “For Her,” a track off of Irish electronic musician MMOTHS’ upcoming EP “Diaries,” to be released March 4.

Despite all of this hype, the outfit remains a mystery. Jason Reynolds, a store manager who bought the muralist’s lunch, said all he got was a first name: Nick.

The artist painted the wall during frigid weather last week, but according to the store manager it “didn’t go as planned.” The wall turned out to be more textured and not as smooth as expected. But the artist adapted. “He completely changed his plan, right in the middle of the job, so it became an impromptu hieroglyphics-caveman inspired piece,” Mr. Reynolds said.