Joe’s Pizza Opening On 14th Street This Week

photo (22)Paul-Benjamin Dousset

One of the city’s most celebrated slices is coming to East 14th Street — possibly by the end of the week.

Joe’s Pizza, the slice joint at 7 Carmine Street, has renovated the space that briefly held Naked Pizza and is aiming to open there by Friday.

“Everything is going to be the same. Same sauce, same memorabilia; nothing is going to change,” said owner Pino Pozzuoli.

Don’t expect Joe’s to join the $1 pizza wars: Mr. Pozzuoli hasn’t even thought about changing his prices. “Everything will be the same, so we’ll still have the same prices over on 14th Street that we do here on Carmine Street.”

And rightfully so. Since Joe’s Pizza opened back in 1975, the establishment has received countless shoutouts. Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Stiller, and Philip Seymour Hoffman have been known to occasionally pop in and grab one of its light slices — heck, The Local’s editor spotted Lou Reed there one night.

This is the first official outpost of Joe’s Pizza, though at one point a similar establishment in Santa Monica, Calif. claimed to be attached to the original Joe’s. “We are not affiliated at all with the one out in Santa Monica,” said Mr. Pozzuoli. “We went to court and beat them about a year ago.”

Joe’s Pizza, 150 East 14th Street (between Third and Fourth Avenues); (212) 388-9474