A Glimpse Inside The Fourth, The Hyatt Union Square’s Brasserie

UntitledDaniel Maurer

Here’s a peak inside the “all-day American brasserie” that the operators of Tocqueville and 15 East are opening on the ground floor of the long delayed Hyatt Union Square.

Named after Paris’s Fourth Arrondissement (and located on Fourth Avenue), The Fourth will occupy one of the city’s legendary nightlife spaces: 76 East 13th Street has held The Cat Club, The Grand, Spa, and Plaid. According to the Hyatt’s Website, the 100-seat room will boast “a café with a European style espresso and wine bar, a 24-seat communal bar and dining space, and a 45-seat full-service formal dining area.”

The menu will consist of “traditional brasserie fare with a modern American interpretation: upscale fare with a continental flair.” The wine program will be overseen by Roger Dagorn, the highly decorated Master Sommelier from Chanterelle, Tocqueville and 15 East, and the cafe will have its own private-label coffee.

UntitledDaniel Maurer

The hotel will also open with a cocktail spot, Singl Lounge.

A glimpse through the construction paper shows the place is putting its 30-foot ceilings to use, via some sort of wacky installation (are those bed frames?) suspended above the bar.

According to its Website, the hotel will open April 31.