First Look at Feast, Bringing a Stuffed Bobcat and Nose-to-Tail Dining

Nevada Smiths isn’t the only thing coming to Third Avenue early next month. A door down from the soccer pub, Feast will offer a menu that’s true to its name.

“We kind of want to change the way people eat,” said George Chiang, an owner. And so groups of diners will pick between three tasting menus priced at $35 to $45 per person. One will be a seasonal market feast based on ingredients from the Union Square Greenmarket; another will be a nose-to-tail feast featuring various parts of a whole lamb or pig. There will also be a limited number of la cart options nodding to “American regional food,” Mr. Chiang said last night as Chris Meenan, a former chef de cuisine at Veritas in Union Square, geared up in the kitchen.

“Everything will come out all at once and everyone eats family-style,” said Mr. Chiang. “We want to bring back communal dining.”

Mr. Chiang, whose family owns and manages hotel and motels, is opening the restaurant with Brian Ghaw, owner of Savoy Bakery in East Harlem. They had planned to open Feast uptown until the framing store below Mr. Chiang’s longtime apartment at 102 Third Avenue (his family owns the building) vacated the space after many years.

“We took a hard look at it,” he said of the East Village. “Traffic is… you know, this whole area has been changing the last couple of years. It’s a lot different than it was a couple of years ago.”

feast 10Daniel Maurer

And so the partners took the space and decorated it with reclaimed wood (a communal table in the back is made out of lanes from an Ohio bowling alley), old typewriters, and homey antiques such as an ice box and a cast-iron stove that will display pastries once breakfast and brunch service begins. Lamps were created from barn pulleys and candlestick telephones. In the back of the room, a stuffed bobcat pounces on a vintage typewriter.

Check out our slideshow for more. We’ll post the menu closer to the opening date of March 5.

Feast, 102 Third Avenue (between 12th and 13th Streets)