Dog Run Duo | David and Cookie

IMG_9367Nicole Guzzardi
IMG_9356Nicole Guzzardi

The Master: David Joffy, who has lived in the same East Village apartment for over 35 years, likes to take his dog to the park two to three times a day, snow or shine.

The Dog: Cookie, a nine-year-old Collie-Shepherd mix. Nickname: Cookarino. Cookie can be found there most days, even when the dog run is a sheet of ice. “If there was a nuclear explosion, she’d still want to be outside,” Mr. Joffy said.

Favorite Food: Chopped liver. Mr. Joffy often tops Cookie’s dry food off with it.

Favorite Hobby: Frequenting The Bean. Mr. Joffy takes her a few times a week and the people there love her. “I drop her leash while inside” he said, “and she walks over to people and they will pet her.”

Claim to Fame: Guarding the park. Cookie will guard the fence, barking at signs of trouble — even if to her that means anyone on skates.