Look at the Snow, Man!

UntitledRachel Citron

Saturday we asked you to send us your photos from the storm. Boy, did we get a flurry of them. Our favorite may have been the one of rat tracks in Tompkins Square Park. “If you look close, you can see impressions left by the tails,” wrote Brian Reardon. “Lovely.” But let’s face it, it was next to impossible to top the NSFW snowman in Tompkins Square Park. And so Francisco Valera is the winner of our contest. Now check out some of the best photos posted to The Local’s Flickr group, below. And send us your rain/slush photos!

jgrady_photo1Jenna Grady St. Marks Place


EAST VILLAGE snow2 (night)Gloria Chung

East BroadwayBahram Foroughi East Broadway

Blizzard 2013 New York City - Snow - Nemo - East VillageVivienne Gucwa East Ninth Street

Tenth StreetJoann Jovinelly East 10th Street

Alien SnowmanMichael Natale Alien snowman

EAST VILLAGE snow (diagonal tree)Gloria Chung

Snow Storm Car ©Sally DaviesSally Davies

Nature as artistcat55

Happy Nemo Night!C Merry

photo (3)Brian Reardon Rat tracks in Tompkins Square Park.

GraffitiTruckDavid Sierra