Brooklyn Brine Teaming With Dogfish Head in North Brooklyn

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 2.58.21 PMChester Higgins, Jr./New York Times Shamus Jones.

As you can tell by peeking at the pickle menu at East Village newcomer Boulton & Watt, pickles are popular. So popular that one of the city’s most popular pickle producers might just be opening an eatery of its own.

Shamus Jones, who co-founded Brooklyn Brine in 2009, revealed to The Local that the wholesaler will open a brick-and-mortal location in north Brooklyn.

A source told The Local that the pickler was working with Dogfish Head, the Delaware brewery that had a hand in its popular Hop-Pickle, to open a spot on Bedford Avenue. Mr. Jones wouldn’t comment on the location or the particulars of the operation because he wanted to coordinate an official announcement with the beer company, but he did confirm that the report of a collaboration was true. “It’s a brick and mortar and it’s Dogfish and Brooklyn Brine,” he said.

The project won’t be a retail shop along the lines of the one that opened in the producer’s Gowanus factory last year. “It isn’t going to be a factory and isn’t going to be a store,” said Mr. Jones.

And Dogfish Head won’t be a full partner, he added. “They don’t have a vested equity or share or whatnot, but I felt so strongly about our initial collaboration and out of respect wanted to incorporate them.”

You can get a taste of the Brooklyn Brine-Dogfish Head magic at Eataly’s rooftop beer garden on Wednesday, assuming you have a ticket. Brooklyn Brine pickles will be served at a sold-out lunch featuring Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada beers.