The Day | Continental Cleared Of Racism Allegations

Breads BakeryScott Lynch

Good morning, East Village.

As you can see above and read about on Thrillist, Breads Bakery has opened in Union Square.

The city’s Commission on Human Rights has dismissed charges that Continental bar had a racist door policy. “The ownership of the bar provided us with videotapes showing customers that were going in and out,” says a deputy commissioner at the agency. “There was no indication that people of color were being turned away. People of color were being admitted.” [East Villager]

The Greenwich Village Preservation Society is upset about NYU’s plans to place physics labs, classrooms and other facilities in 726 Broadway: “What the university never revealed was that these plans would violate the special zoning restrictions for Noho and Soho, require a precedent-setting zoning variance, and involve the addition of a highly intrusive, four-story mechanical penthouse atop the building.” [Off the Grid]

“A walking tour to support local bodegas marks the latest tactic for a group of fed-up East Village residents in their battle against the influx of 7-Eleven chain stores in their neighborhood.” [DNA Info]

Clayton Patterson reflects on the changing neighborhood: “Those of us who have been around are acutely aware of how many people and businesses have been priced out, bought out, burned out, evicted, forced to move, or been the victim of changes in the laws and regulations that have eroded tenants’ rights.” [East Villager]
Department of Transportation inspectors are visiting local businesses to warn them of rules requiring delivery men to wear helmets, a light- reflectimg shirt or vest, and an employee ID number. [NY Post]

Continuing the media blitz surrounding his new memoir, Eddie Huang recalls everything he ate in a week. [Grub Street]