What’s Kurt Cobain Doing in a Coffee Cup?

Untitled Kurt Cobean

Leonardo DiCappuccino is coming to a cup near you.

Tired of crafting the usual foam leafs in latte, Bushwick artist Mike Breach began blending his talent for brewing up puns with his job as a barista at the Ace Hotel.

The result? Kurt Cobean. Soy George. Ziggy Starbucks.

Untitled Leo DiCappuccino

Mr. Breach said he tends to think of the puns before he pours. His work runs the gamut from E.T. (a friendly alien desperate to “foam
home”) to William Shakespeare (playwright behind “A Midsummer Night’s Cream) to Eminem (better known as “Skim Shady.”)

And sometimes, he draws his inspiration from the bold face names that enter the shop. When Bill Clinton walked in, Breach mixed his first
Monica Lewinsky latte. Of course,