Dog-Run Duo | Cheryl and Lily

Cheryl and her "granddoggy" Lily
Nicole Guzzardi

The Master: Cheryl Magliocca is the proud “grandmama” of her daughter Lauren’s pup. Lauren is an East Village resident. When Cheryl visits her about once a month from Charlotte, North Carolina, she takes her beloved grand-doggy to the dog run.

The Dog: Lily, a two-year-old Pug and Havanese mix. Jokingly called the “clearance dog,” because she was on sale for quite some time before Lauren scooped her up, saving her life and giving her a safe home.

Favorite Food: “Well, we just shared a hamburger,” Ms. Magliocca said, laughing. “So she definitely likes those.”

Favorite Spot: Lily loves to sleep right by Lauren’s head, Ms. Magliocca said, but when she comes to visit her daughter, Lily can be found sleeping by Ms. Magliocca’s head instead.

Best Friend: Casey, a neighborhood Golden Retriever. Casey will actually hold Lily’s leash in her mouth and walk her around. “She won’t drop it unless you tell her to and Lily just lets her do it,” she said.