Want to See the World Series Trophy at Finnerty’s? Get in Line

Photos: Alberto Reyes, Dana Varinsky

Holy smokes! We haven’t seen a line like this since, well, noodle nuts stormed Momofuku.

So why are all these folks waiting to get into Finnerty’s on Second Avenue when the place isn’t even serving drinks? Well, the 2012 World Series trophy is hanging out there until 6 p.m. But be prepared to wait your turn for that coveted trophy kiss (and a glimpse of general manager Brain Sabean): the queue of San Fran transplants is 140 strong. And that’s just the line to get in! There’s a second line (about half a block long) for securing tickets. A woman at the front said she had been waiting for about three hours.

Hey, at least the weather’s nice — in fact it feels downright Bay Area right now.