Victim of Hurricane Sandy? How About a Free Haircut?

IMG_9200Nicole Guzzardi

After Sandy hit, the Big Apple Barber Shop had to close its doors for six days due to power outages. The owners reached out to their landlord to ask for a rent break, but were told nothing could be done, according to a manager who goes by the name of Mr. Y.

Even after taking a hit, the barber shop at 426 East 14th Street decided to come to the aid of its neighborhood. “Everyone is doing something and we decided we should do something to help, too,” said Mr. Y. And so, customers who say they are victims of Sandy and call (718) 532-6135 to book a day in advance can receive complimentary cuts Monday to Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Victims of the storm don’t even have to offer proof that they’re still recovering. “There’s no requirement. We’re taking their word for it,” said Mr. Y, who believes that what comes around goes around. “It’s sort of a chain reaction,” he said. “When they do better, we will do better.”

Haircuts at the barber shop are normally $14, a low price that’s difficult to maintain as everything else in the city gets more expensive. “When prices go up, like for food and gas and taxes, it’s difficult,” said the manager. Near Astor Place, Atlas Barber School closed its doors last May, and is now being replaced by a UPS store.

Diamond District Barber Shop, at 29-31 West 47th Street, is also offering complimentary cuts to Sandy victims on Mondays and Wednesdays from now till the end of the month. To make an appointment call (212) 642-4346.