Dog Run Duos | George and Cassie

Time for some more fun at the run. Here’s this week’s Dog Run Duo.

IMG_9135Nicole Guzzardi
IMG_9143Nicole Guzzardi

The Master: George Smol, 60, has lived in the East Village for 30 years, likes to keep to himself and devotes most of his time and energy to his dogs.

The Dog: Cassie, a seven-year-old English Mastiff. Full name: Cassie California Dreamin’. Nicknames include Castle, likely because she weighs in at about 140 pounds.

Tricks: “You’re lookin’ at it,” Mr. Smol laughed, petting Cassie as she sat next to him on a park bench. “She’s pretty laid back, just wants to be near me.”

Favorite Food: People food — or garbage, but Mr. Smol doesn’t let her get into that kind of stuff. And he doesn’t dole out treats. “She’d become treat-obsessed,” he said.

Claim to Fame: Cassie is proud mother of Mr. Smol’s three two-year-old puppies. “She had a litter of eleven,” he said. “It was amazing.” Mr. Smol kept three of them, two of which are already considerably larger than their mom.