Say Goodbye (For Now, At Least) to Hip-Hop USA

photo(55)Daniel Maurer A lonely half mannequin.

Hope you got your Michelle Obama sneakers while you could: Hip-Hop USA has closed at 343 Lafayette Street.

Last night, a sign on the door said everything in the mostly empty store was for sale for “20 dollas.” A message on the pop-up’s Facebook page reads, “Hip Hop USA will be reopening in the Spring. Special thanks to our friends at Pinche Taqueria for making the best happy hour frozen margaritas in New York City.”

And a couple of other closings to note: a “for rent” sign just went up at 23 Third Avenue, where Little Italy Pizza is a goner after less than five months. And Rawvolution has also been closed in recent weeks. The raw-food shop’s number is disconnected and its Website says, “At this time we are not delivering locally to New York City, this is only temporary and will keep you updated when we do start again.”