The Day | Arrest in Lower East Side Shooting

Shadow of a TreeSteven Matthews

Good morning, East Village.

A teenager has been charged with weapons possession and murder in Friday night’s shooting on the Lower East Side. “Timothy Montalvo, 16, was busted yesterday for allegedly taking part in the fatal shooting of Raphael Ward in front of a church on Rivington Street after Ward resisted demands to relinquish the parka.” [NY Post] Yesterday a series of scuffles broke out among mourners outside of the Provenzano Lanza Funeral Home. [DNA Info]

A judge has upheld an injunction preventing a restaurant that would have served $34 entrees from opening in Union Square Park. [NY Post]

“New York City put out a call Wednesday for builders interested in its long-delayed Seward Park project, which would transform the largest parcel of underdeveloped publicly owned land in Manhattan below 96th Street.” [Wall Street Journal]

The crowd at The Library at The Public is “a lively mix of sleek show folk and chic downtowners in their 30s and 40s. On a recent evening, actors from current Public productions and theater staff members were clustered in groups around the bar, mixing freely with well-dressed theater patrons.” [NY Times]

Check out a handful of cocktails at Edi and the Wolf’s new bar, The Third Man. The Spirit of ’49 is “on a Gold Rush, this juicy, fruit-forward sipper combines Four Roses Yellow Label Bourbon and honey with vibrant Tremontis Mirto, a myrtle berry liqueur from Sardinia.” [Serious Eats]

Paul Gerard, chef at Exchange Alley, loves the sesame-seed sandwich at Vanessa’s Dumpling House. “You can get duck, pork, or beef, but the duck is fantastic. They’re all fantastic.” [Eater]