Salgado Murder Trial Delayed Again

Aida Salgado lit candles with friends and family in rememberance of her late son, Keith, who was murdered last yearAnnie Fairman Aida Salgado marked the anniversary of her son’s
death in October.

As the investigation into the shooting death of 16-year-old Raphael Ward continues, a trial date in the alleged killing of another area teen, Keith Salgado, remains elusive.

In court yesterday, the District Attorney and Mr. Smith’s lawyer set late February as the date to determine when the trial will be held.

Hockeem Smith, who is alleged to have shot the 18-year-old a little over a year ago, winked at the gallery as he entered the courtroom.

Sitting in the row behind Mr. Smith’s mother and wearing a pin with her son’s photo, Aida Salgado said she was “a little bit discouraged” that a trial date hadn’t been set.

The grieving mother said Raphael Ward’s killing, so similar to that of her son, “really brought me back to the beginning” of the healing process.

“It completely, completely reopened every wound,” she said.

As with the Salgado slaying, some have speculated that Mr. Ward’s killing might be linked to longstanding antagonisms between public housing complexes above Houston Street, including Campos Plaza and Riis Houses, and those located below, such as the Smith and Baruch Houses.