‘Eats Village’ Replacing Mama’s Food Shop? (Plus: Beer Pong and Poetry at Mama’s Bar)

IMG_9088Dana Varinsky

Today’s talk of Mama’s Food Shop got us wondering: what’s going on with the restaurant that its landlord was planning to install in its former digs?

Richard Freedman, who owns the former Mama’s space along with Mama’s Bar next-door, said he’s still planning to open a restaurant at 200 East Third Street, though it may no longer be called “Mama’s something or other,” as he told us back in September. (That plan didn’t sit well with Mama’s Food Shop owner Jeremiah Clancy.) The new venue is tentatively named Eats Village, and should start dishing out comfort food (but likely not burgers) in February.

Mr. Freedman will soon wrap up his chef selection process. In the meantime, he’s planning some new winter activities at Mama’s Bar. A beer pong league will play every Tuesday, and the bar will host poetry slams, with a featured performance and an open mic, the third Thursday of each month.

Correction: Dec. 14, 2012 | The original version of this post was revised to reflect a correction. Due to an editing error, it stated that the menu would include burgers. It likely will not.