Dog-Run Duo | Vicky, Angelina, and Charlie Fudge

Time for some more fun at the run. Here’s this week’s Dog Run Duo — Trio, actually!

Vicky and AngelinaNicole Guzzardi Ms. Chryssafi and Angelina.
Charlie FudgeNicole Guzzardi Charlie Fudge

The Master: Vicky Chryssafi, a lifetime East Village resident, brings her two dogs every single day.

The Dogs: Charlie Fudge is an 11-year-old “Beagle on steroids,” as Ms. Chryssafi calls the Harrier. And Angelina is a 4-year-old Chihuahua adopted a few months ago from Earth Angels.

Favorite Food: Charlie Fudge loves to eat. “He is the original garbage disposal,” says Ms. Chryssafi. “He will eat anything, anytime, anywhere.” Angelina, weighing in at only for pounds, will only eat straight from her owner’s hands. “She’s been through a lot, but she’s extremely sweet.”

AngelinaNicole Guzzardi Charlie Fudge

Best Friend: Ms. Chryssafi owns a few other pets, including three parrots, but Angelina is the one that shares a bed with Charlie. “She’s taken over the house, but we don’t mind.”

Pet Tricks: Begging for food. Charlie Fudge barks at his owner when she doesn’t bring his food fast enough. Angelina doesn’t do tricks, but has the special talent of looking quite adorable bundled up in a sweater.