Former Armani Chef Has Designs on First Avenue

East 12th Osteria (2)Alexa Mae Asperin

After redecorated its dining room and garnering three stars from Bloomberg, Hearth is about to get some competition: East 12th Osteria, a fine-dining eatery serving cuisine inspired by northern Italy, is set to open at 197 First Avenue, directly across from the Italian veteran.

The newcomer at First Avenue and East 12th Street is owned by Roberto Deiaco, previously a chef at Palio and the Rainbow Room, and most recently the executive chef at Armani/Ristorante. Mr. Deiaco, a native of Dolomites, Italy, specializes in “modern interpretations of classic Italian dishes,” according to his Website.

His wife and business partner, Giselle Deiaco, a former journalist and wine educator, said the osteria would house a “green” kitchen utilizing induction heating, a method that eliminates grease and boils water twice as fast as gas or electricity would. She previously teamed up with her husband on a wine label.

The menu at East 12th Osteria will feature luxe touches such as truffles and foie gras, at “gentle prices,” Ms. Deiaco said. The restaurant is set to open Dec. 20.