Watch Out, Honda Owners: Three Stolen Last Month

cars - inside llewyn davisDaniel Maurer Thankfully these weren’t stolen.

The East Village saw a spike in auto thefts last month, according to a police source.

The first theft, of a 1994 Honda Civic, was reported on Nov. 4, with another following on Nov. 16 and a third reported on Nov. 24. The three Hondas (two Civics manufactured in the 1990s and one Accord manufactured in the 2000s) were stolen from East Third and East Fourth Streets, in the area between First Avenue and Avenue B. The theft of models manufactured in this period was most likely for car parts, our source said.

While not a significant percentage of overall crime, the automobile larceny pattern “sticks out,” according to the source, because it is rarely observed. The police estimate that 70 percent of grand larceny auto cases are motorcycle-related. Three motorcycles were also stolen during the 28-day period.