No, Obama Didn’t Buy a Hat at Village Scandal

UntitledSuzanne Rozdeba

“President Obama in Our HAT!” touts a sign on the door of Village Scandal.

So did the endorsement-happy president stop into the hat shop during his East Village days?

Nope. “I would love to say that he got it at the Scandal, but he didn’t,” the store’s owner, Wendy Barrett, said of the item, which she described as “a skimmer, or a boater hat.”

But the 17-year-old shop does sell a similar hat for $145. “Since he was just reelected, I wanted to show my support and use a little bit of humor,” she said.

As for the fiscal cliff her store is facing, the milliner has so far raised $7,000 towards a court-mandated payment to her landlord; to raise more, she’s selling items at discounts of up to 35 percent. She has also hired an artist to create paintings of her store, which she’ll auction off on her Facebook page, and is selling gift certificates worth 50 percent more than the purchase price.

And maybe she should stock some Michelle Obama sneakers?