Budding Sinkhole On Avenue C?

sinkholeSasha von Oldershausen
sinkhole2Sasha von Oldershausen

Post-Sandy sinkholes have appeared in the Rockaways as a result of damage to water and sewer lines; is it possible one has opened up on Avenue C?

Last week, we noticed this sizable gash and sprawling cracks in the middle of the road, between Seventh and Eighth Streets. The hole isn’t yet big enough to swallow a moving truck, and of course it pales in comparison to the chasm over on the corner of Sixth Street, but take a closer look and you’ll see it’s deep enough to leave a cyclist in need of Recycle-a-Bicycle, at the least.

Have you noticed any post-Sandy sinkholes around the neighborhood? Or any other dents and dings still in need of attention?