Memorial For Fallen Skateboarder As Police Seek Cyclist

.Mary Reinholz

Neighbors and fellow skateboarders gathered Saturday night to mourn Kyle Larson, who was struck and killed while longboarding near Union Square on Tuesday. The candlelight ceremony on 14th Street and Broadway was organized by skateboarder John Rios and the New York Longboard Association.

Yesterday afternoon at Union Square West, near East 17th Street, where the 20-year-old N.Y.U. student was hit by a box truck, passersby stopped to gaze at a makeshift memorial consisting of a photo of the victim, a bouquet of fresh white roses and candles. Chalked messages read “Ride on forever!”, “Love you Kyle” and “Let us never forget the perils of New York Streets.”

Mr. Larson hailed from Manhasset, Long Island, where he was a well-liked drummer for his high school marching band, NYU Local reported. The musician, who also played saxophone and clarinet and sang with an a capella group, was rushing to school to turn in a term paper when he was struck, according to NewsdayGothamist posted video, released by the police, of a cyclist who was riding the wrong way on Union Square West when the incident occurred.