Power Flows Back Into Haven Plaza, Knickerbocker Village

knickerbocker villageJoann Pan On Tuesday, Knickerbocker Village management said they will have electricity fully restored to its buildings by early Wednesday morning.

Two apartment complexes that were among the hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy are inching back to normality.

Residents at One Haven Plaza who last week were without power are in a better place today, as electricity is flowing to most of the building’s apartments, and heat and hot water have been fully restored.

But work remains to be done. “In some apartments, [electricity] is still not on,” said Daisy Lopez, site manager for Haven Plaza. “But we have the electrician here and he’s going to go around.”

The development’s management company, Wavecrest Management Team, has hired Enviro Waste, a hazardous waste company, to clean and sanitize flooded basements where power equipment was badly damaged. Electricians are also repairing elevator cables in the complex’s four high-rises, in hopes of getting an elevator in each building running by late tomorrow.

Until then, Ms. Lopez said, management is discouraging elderly tenants — some of whom were given temporary shelter at the Grand Street Guild, also managed by Wavecrest — from returning to their apartments.

Still, many evacuees have done just that. One sign of improved conditions: today was the last day tenants were provided hot meals.

Haven plazaJoann Pan Haven Plaza

At Knickerbocker Village, some residents were still in the dark today, as well. In its most recent update, the complex’s management said that electricity had been restored to 1,200 out of 1,600 units, with the help of three car-sized generators.

Many tenants aren’t getting heat or hot water, but management said it hoped to have “some level” of both by the end of the week. One boiler had “begun providing hot water to some units,” and three temporary boilers were expected to be connected by tomorrow morning.

Knickerbocker management has cited numerous challenges to restoring systems completely, including a fire that affected the buildings’ underground utility and heating infrastructure, as well as a low supply of replacement parts for its “vintage” system.

In a statement released yesterday, management said it was taking “aggressive action to resolve persistent moisture issues that are slowing down the restoration of electricity,” and noted that “power is being restored as cautiously and deliberately as possible.”