Photos: C-Squat, MoRUS Give Neighbors Free Food, Bicycle-Powered Juice

Konstantin Sergeyev

The bicycle-powered generator used to pump water out of the basement of the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space has been put to yet another creative use: it’s been charging cellphones.

Konstantin Sergeyev sent us photos of the generator at work, along with others of fellow C-Squat resident Nico de Gallo grilling donated food items for neighbors.

The bicycle generator, created by Time’s Up for Occupy Wall Street events, was to be part of an exhibit at MoRUS, slated to open Nov. 17. That opening date is now up in the air as the homesteading and community gardening museum continues to repair its basement.

According to an update on its Website, MoRUS planned to continue offering cell phone charging today — at 155 Avenue C, between Ninth and 10th Streets — and C-Squat will keep doling out free food.

“As always, we’d like to highlight the East Village community,” the update read. “We’re all getting through this crisis together, and there are sure to be better times ahead.”