Shots Fired at Campos Plaza, This Time in Broad Daylight

UntitledSuzanne Rozdeba

Shots rang out at Campos Plaza this afternoon, according to residents who continued to voice concerns about security in the wake of a shooting earlier this month.

The president of the Campos Plaza Tenant Association – who, like others who spoke to The Local, insisted on anonymity due to concerns about personal safety – said she was at home when, shortly after 3:30 p.m., she heard three shots ring out. “A lot of people were out here,” she said. “People were at the bus stop across the street, running for cover.”

From her window, she saw over a dozen young men, aged about 15 to 25, running toward Avenue C.

UntitledSuzanne Rozdeba

Another resident who heard the shots said they were seemingly fired near the corner of East 12th Street and Avenue C, rather than within the housing complex itself. “When I looked out the window I saw a few youths running towards Avenue C,” he said.

Another man said all three shots went in the air.

A 68-year-old resident voiced concerns about security similar to those highlighted by politicians on two recent occasions. “It’s so dangerous here,” she said. “It’s terrible. That’s why I don’t come down from my apartment.”

The tenant said she had recently noticed an increased police presence. But the tenant association president wasn’t so sure. “The cops said we’re going to have coverage here. What kind of coverage with two shootings in [three] weeks?” she said, referring to the shooting of David Cruz.

Investigators on the scene at 4:45 p.m. declined to comment, and a police spokesperson had no information about the incident.