Dog-Run Duos | Wally and Jimmy

Time for some more fun at the run. Here’s this week’s dog-run duo.

Wally and Jimmy TomNicole Guzzardi
WallyNicole Guzzardi

The Master: Jimmy Tom, 56, enjoys taking his dog to the park where they can get a little exercise. The East Village resident spent a recent afternoon doing pushups off a bench in the dog run while his pooch lounged just below it.

The Dog: Wally, a 7-year-old German Spitz. He’s more a “people’s” dog than a dog’s dog, preferring to mingle with humans (and especially his owner). “He doesn’t do much socializing,” Mr. Tom said.

Favorite Past-Time: What else? Fetch, with his favorite ball. And wading in the pool.

Favorite Food: Pepperoni. But Wally will eat just about anything. “That’s why he’s so fat,” said Mr. Tom with a laugh.