Art in Odd Places: Poetry in Motion On 14th Street

Art in Odd Places is underway on 14th Street: earlier this week we ran Scott Lynch’s photo of Marie Christine Katz, who is inviting the public to join her as she walks and knits. She’s just one of many artists and performers livening up 14th Street now through Oct. 15. The Local took its own walk down the boulevard, with a camera in lieu of knitting needles, and encountered poet Michael Howley, among others. Watch the above video to hear him read and to see some more guerilla art from the festival.

If you care to hear more from Mr. Howley, watch a second video in which he tells us why he’s reading poetry on the street, to be overheard by passersby. “We’re all just walking by, we’re just passing through this life,” he said. “And 14th Street is life.”