While You Wait For That East River Pool, Here’s a Rooftop Number On 13th Street

The folks who are trying to bring a floating pool to the East River have just started a second round of fundraising in hopes of raising $1 million in the next six months. You can watch a video promoting + POOL, as the project is being called, above. Its organizers tell Gothamist that, assuming they can bring the water-filtering pool’s design up to code and sell everyone on it, they hope to launch it in summer of 2015.

While you wait for that to happen, here’s an easier but pricier way to take a dip: rent out this $6,500-a-month three-bedroom apartment at 425 East 13th Street (yup, the “A” building, where that wacky slide is located) and you’ll have access to an “engaging rooftop pool,” according to the Corcoran listing. The rooftop lounge boasts private cabanas and presumably an awesome view of the “private rooftop cabana terraces” going up just a couple of blocks away.