No, We Won’t Be Attending Cafe Khufu’s Lap Dance Party

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Hi! Just wanted to quickly clear something up. The Local will not be attending Café Khufu’s “Burlesques Bitches and Gents” costume party this weekend. Yes, yes, we know there’s going to be a lap dance competition and a high heels contest, but unfortunately we’re just not going to be able to make it.

So why does the latest invite say “NY Times attending this weekends event!”? We assume it’s because, when we saw the initial e-flyer suggesting that female guests come dressed like this (not safe for work) and male guests come dressed like this (perfectly safe for work), we thought: wait a minute, is this the same quiet cafe that, despite the community board’s policy against supporting side-street liquor licenses, got a rare show of support when it applied for a beer and wine license earlier this year? And now it’s advertising an “I’ll Lychee Lick Me” cocktail and a “Sexual Healer” hookah?

Back in January, the board, which had thrice declined to get behind the coffee shop’s application, finally voted to support it after much debate, in part because operator Lisa Buriss was a longtime neighborhood resident and a former director of organizing at Good Old Lower East Side. (And also because the board is loosening up about beer-and-wine licenses.)

And so, one of The Local’s reporters e-mailed the owner of Café Khufu to ask whether another lap dance contest (there had also been one advertised for Sept. 29) was the wisest way to make use of its new license, which went into effect in July. (After all, city records show that at least one person called 311 to complain of an “adult establishment” at 103 Avenue B back when Casimir launched a burlesque night.) We never heard back – that is, until the e-flyer below went out today, announcing that The Times would be in the house!

We didn’t mean to cause any confusion, Café Khufu – maybe catch you next time?

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