All in All, Less Bricks in the Wall at School Building

IMG_0015Alexa Mae Asperin

Here’s your latest look at the east wall of the school building on East 12th Street that was evacuated last week due to structural damage.

Several rows of bricks have been dismantled, but a construction worker told The Local that it would be another two weeks until the wall, which had started separating from the building, is demolished. Construction of the new wall will begin immediately thereafter and is expected to be completed in a month. That’s a bit longer than the three-to-four-week estimate that the Department of Education gave The Local on Friday.

Today a Department of Education spokeswoman said the condition of the remaining walls is still being investigated.

After a brief stint at P.S. 19, students of East Side Community Middle School reported to 8 Henry Street today for their first day of being co-located with students of P.S. 1 Alfred E. Smith. According to a parent-run Website, they will have their own floor in the school building, and a separate entrance.

High School students will continue to attend classes at Norman Thomas High School despite opposition by parents who complained of metal detectors and windowless classrooms.

Over the weekend, auditions for the Possibility Project, a non-profit that trains teenagers to create and perform in a musical while engaging in community activism, were moved to the Sixth Street Community Center. The next audition, on Oct. 6, has also been relocated.