Lower East Side Fall Victim Identified


The police have identified the woman who died from a cut across the neck this morning as Carlisle Brigham.

The Wall Street Journal cites a police source who said the victim was estranged from her husband.

Her roommate at 191 Orchard Street, where she was found in partial cardiac arrest, told investigators he spoke with her this morning and she sounded “distraught,” according to the paper.

The Lo-Down reports that the victim’s husband or boyfriend is currently being interview by investigators.

Last year, The Times published a wedding announcement regarding Carlisle Vose Brigham and Anthony Lindley Champalimaud. It noted that Ms. Brigham’s father was the chairman of an investment bank in St. Louis, and that he served as president of the New York City Public Development Corporation and the city budget director in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Mr. Champalimaud was a vice president for a Malaysian hotel conglomerate.

Update | 9 a.m. According to The Times and The Post, Ms. Brigham’s death may have been the result of a fall. The investigation is ongoing, but the headline of this post has been changed in light of the fact that the police do not currently believe there was a slashing involved.