Star the Pit Bull Showing Signs of ‘Slight Improvement’

A dog kennel on the trunk of cop car.Melvin Felix The scene on Monday.

Star the pit bull is still hanging on for dear life after being shot by a police officer on 14th Street Monday.

On Tuesday, a police source said the dog’s prognosis was not good, but yesterday a spokesman for Animal Care and Control of New York City told The Local that the feisty mutt was still in stable condition at a shelter in Harlem. Today that spokesman said, “Star’s condition is still serious, but thankfully she is showing signs of slight improvement.”

It’s still unknown whether the dog, if it survives, will be returned to its owner, who was passed out on the sidewalk when the shooting occurred and was arrested for an open warrant related to an open container charge.

On The Local, commenters debated about who was to blame for the shooting.

“That’s a sad story. But I wouldn’t want to get bit by that dog,” wrote Delphine Blue, apparently sympathizing with the police officer who fired the shot.

“A dog running towards you barking when you’re moving closer to its unconscious owner does not make it an attack,” wrote E.

Kevin Doyle agreed: “There is certainly some form of non-lethal force that could have been used.”

“I blame that old woman that interfered,” said Trey, to the agreement of commenter Christine.

Alex De Witt pointed a finger at the dog’s owner. “It’s neglect because he’d rather take drugs than care for his pet,” she wrote on The Local’s Facebook page. (A police source believed the owner, Lech Stankiewicz, had passed out due to the influence of narcotics. A friend of Mr. Stankiewicz said he was prone to seizures.)

On The Local’s Flickr page, a pit bull owner cited a “a huge discrimination against these dogs,” writing, “I’m sorry, the cop enjoyed every minute of shooting this poor guy’s dog.”