It’s Official: 42 Percent Rike Hike Sends La Sirena Into ‘Limbo’

IMG_2995Stephen Rex Brown Dina Leor

After weeks of uncertainty, Dina Leor, the owner of La Sirena, has learned that she’ll face a 42 percent rent increase if she decides to stay in her Third Street store, Tower Brokerage president Bob Perl confirmed to The Local.

Last week, Mr. Perl — who is negotiating on behalf of Ms. Leor’s landlord, the Cooper Square Mutual Housing Association — said the rent increase would likely be around 30 percent.

Currently paying $1,580 per month for her small Mexican folk art store, Ms. Leor had said she couldn’t afford the increase to $2,250 per month. But despite sending out an e-mail last week indicating she would close the store, she said today that she had no immediate plans to do shutter, since she didn’t have anywhere to relocate. “I’m still in a kind of limbo. I’m not going to say I’m going to close my doors — I feel like something will happen to allow me to stay,” she said. She wasn’t sure what that would be, but floated the idea of a fundraising campaign.

With across-the-board rent hikes looming, other commercial tenants of the Mutual Housing Association worried last week that they too would face tough decisions.