Musical Dining Chairs: Mercat Takes Siesta, Mighty Quinn’s Rises

photo(294)Daniel Maurer Mercat

Last month The Times reported that Hung Ry had served its last bowl of noodles on Bond Street, and it now looks like Mercat may have shuttered on the same block. On June 27, we tried to watch the Spain-Portugal game and found the tapas bar closed without explanation. Same deal during several return visits, and phone calls have gone to a full voice mailbox numerous times.

Last night, we peered in to see a copy of Norman Mailer’s “The Gospel According to the Son” on the bar along with a couple of wine glasses, but not a person in site. Weird, right? Same deal this afternoon. The shelves behind the bar are mostly empty of alcohol.

An employee of neighboring Il Buco said the restaurant has been consistently dark over the past month.

The Catalan tapas bar opened in 2007 and expanded to Williamsburg in 2009 only to close after less than a year there.

Bummer, but here’s some good news: Eater reports that Mighty Quinn’s, a popular vendor at the Brooklyn Flea’s Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, is going brick and mortar in the former Vandaag space. Owner Hugh Mangum calls his style of barbecue “Texalina,” which the Brooklyn Flea blog described as “a cross between the authentic Texas BBQ he grew up with and the eastern Carolina methods he learned from his wife Laura, who hails from North Carolina.”