No, Not a San Francisco Giant: Young the Giant at MLB Fan Cave

Mr. Hoang (right)Melvin Felix Sunny Hoang, first in line.

“Who’s here today?” a passerby asked Sunny Hoang, the first person in line outside the Major League Baseball Fan Cave.

Mr. Hoang, 18, told him Young the Giant was playing.

“Oh. For who?” said the man, assuming Young was a baseball player.

“It’s a rock band,” said Mr. Hoang, who came in from Queens and by noontime had been waiting outside the venue at Broadway and East Fourth Street for two hours. After the man walked away, Mr. Hoang said, “We’ve had that all day. No one really knows this band as much as I thought, actually.”

Mr. Donovan (left) and Mr. YorkMelvin Felix Patrick Donovan and Dan York

Young the Giant, a California band led by Sameer Gadhia, played the free show (part of the Concert Series) earlier today ahead of its sold-out gig this evening at Central Park Summerstage. The set list included “Cough Syrup” (as covered on “Glee”) and “My Body,” which the band played at last year’s MTV Video Music Awards.

19-year-old Dan York, who came in from Syracuse to see the band tonight, stood in line with his 20-year-old friend Patrick Donovan, in from Ellicott City, Maryland. When they heard about the afternoon gig on Twitter, they rushed down to the Fan Cave with luggage in tow.

“I love Sameer Gadhia so much, it’s ridiculous,” said Mr. Donovan.